Basel, Switzerland
October 10–11, 2018
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Fabio Berchtold

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
Cloud Architect
Fabio Berchtold is working as a Cloud Architect and Lead Engineer at Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd in the cloud-native area, overseeing Swisscoms Application Cloud project (based on OSS Cloud Foundry) and journey into Kubernetes as a service provider. He is one of Swisscoms expert on all things cloud-native, including Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, BOSH, Concourse, CI/CD and 12factor application development. Fabio is a passionate Kubernetes user and Golang developer himself and contributor to OSS Cloud Foundry components including the Diego container management system and BOSH itself, along with various other projects in the wider Kubernetes community. He has a habit of developing entire new BOSH releases or large-scale Kubernetes deployments as a hobby during weekends for fun. His previous speaking experience includes giving talks during Cloud Foundry summits, various webinars and community talks about Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud Foundry, BOSH and Concourse at meetups and other summits in Switzerland, and company internal trainings and onboardings for his fellow developers.
Wednesday, October 10

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Thursday, October 11

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